Download TNT Stream Unblocker


Download Chrome Plugin


If you want to use TNT Stream Unblocker on a Mac or smartphone then use the manual process below.

Access the largest Smart DNS Proxy network in the world. No software needed, works for any Internet device. Select your desired DNS Proxy location below to continue.

1st – Get/Copy Your IP Address

[iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”400″]

2nd – Follow the manual setup guides for your OS


Note this IP address and Use our Setup Guides (opens in new window) for the system or device you want to use the DNS on.

Important: After changing your DNS you will need to clear your browser cache before some sites will connect properly. Do this first! Also, some apps may need to be uninstalled and added again for the correct DNS settings to stick.
Note: if you ever lose connection while using the SmartDNS you will need to come back to this page and reauthenticate your license with the chosen IP location.